"Our Sales Have Just Reached A
Huge $138,587.40 – For The MONTH!

John Bertone's Internet Marketing Client - Hans Jakobi from Portland NSW


It's now 9 months since we started using your strategies and I just had to write to you again to thank you. The information you have provided me with is absolutely PRICELESS.

As you know, I've always said, the only thing that counts is results… And boy, have you delivered those!


This morning I tallied up the figures for the past month and I'm over the moon! Since the launch of our site, the monthly traffic has consistently increased to the point where last month our site had an amazing 9,869 unique visitors. I'm expecting EVEN MORE this month.

John, it doesn't end there… I've also managed to achieve number 1 position for many targeted key phrases in the major Search Engines. I'm even finding that every week, more & more of our search engine results are gaining incredible rankings.

Plus, our subscriber list has grown to over 7,598 and continues to grow automatically around the clock, even while I sleep.

The most exciting news I have to tell you is that our sales have just reached a huge $138,587.40 - for the MONTH.

I guess the reason why I'm so ecstatic, is that there are STILL so many of your profitable strategies to implement, and I know it's going to increase our overall bottom line - even more!

John, the proof is in the pudding - you definitely know your stuff!"

Hans Jakobi, Portland NSW
Australia's Wealth Coach & International Best Selling Author



"Thousands of Dollars in Sales EVEN
in that Site's 1st Month of Release!"

Internet Marketing Customer - Ben Stickland from Melbourne VIC


I have to be honest with you, at first I was skeptical.

But after working with you for just a short time, I quickly realised how serious you are about what you do!

The level of detail and accuracy you require a web site to function to ultimately please the visitor that arrives to that web site, now shows me WHY you get the result you do.

After witnessing with my very own eyes how you guided one of my clients web sites to THOUSANDS of Dollars in sales EVEN in that site's 1st month of release, makes me a TRUE believer!"

Ben Stickland , Nunawading VIC
Owner & Senior Programmer

"Just that Single Trick You Showed Me
DOUBLED My Subscriber Signup Rate
from 150 Per Day to Over 360!"

Another Client of John Bertone's Internet Marketing coaching - Chris Elmore from Sunnybank QLD

"John, you're the master!

Even after having a website for more than three and a half years and being successful online, I had no idea how much MORE I could be making."

Just that single trick you showed me DOUBLED my subscriber signup rate from 150 per day to over 360! And as you know, the more subscribers you have the more money you'll make :-)

And that order processing technique you made me aware of, lifted my overall online sales by 17%. I'm thrilled, to say the least.

There are so many tactics you showed me... I CAN'T WAIT to implement them - I just know they're going to help increase my profits even further.

If I break a Mil this year - I owe it all to you!"

Chris Elmore, Sunnybank QLD
Website Owner

"The Following Day, Business Seemed
To Just Flow
Like It Did
In The Good Old Days"

Client of Internet Marketing Consultant And Consulting Services


All I can say is thank you so much!

After listening to your information, I was able to quickly identify some key points pertaining to the marketing strategies of some of the country's leading companies.

Whilst my experience had included a very comprehensive mix of both high-end sales and marketing techniques at some of Australia's' leading publishing houses, I felt that some "added guidance" from an online marketing professional like yourself might help me reach my financial targets much sooner!

The following day, business seemed to just flow like it did in the good old days. Plus the level of "belief" towards my recommendations to my clients rose dramatically as well, due to your guidance.

Put simply, you definitely know what YOU are talking about!"

Kathy Prince, Sydney NSW
Research Director

"You Gave Us So Much Priceless Information
on the Right Techniques and Tools to Use"

Happy customer of the Internet Marketing Training - Dallas & Vistoria Kelso from Baulkham Hills, NSW

"Thanks John,

You gave us so much priceless information on the right techniques and tools to use.

I’ve got to say, I’m certain your strategies will save us a fortune in wasted time and money - not to mention ineffective marketing attempts & frustration by trying to work it all out ourselves!"

Dallas & Victoria Kelso , Baulkham Hills NSW
Internet Business Owner

"Your Online Selling Secrets also led
to a MASSIVE INCREASE in Sales."

Internet Marketing Co-client Partner - Alexi from Sydney, Australia

"Hey John, your tactics are incredible!

Not only did your internet marketing tips manage to help one of my client’s site reach top positions in major Search Engines, your online selling secrets also led to a MASSIVE INCREASE in sales.

After seeing these results, there’s no doubt your strategies can help ANY business owner topple their competition."

Alexi Neocleous, Sydney NSW
Professional Copywriter & Business Consultant



"I am Looking Forward to Setting It All Up and
Reporting Back to You My Most Certain Success"

Very Satisfied Internet Marketing customer - Sherry Strong from Elwood, VIC


I came away overwhelmed by the potential of what I could do but more importantly an achievable plan of attack to achieve what it is I want to accomplish with my websites.

I am looking forward to setting it all up and reporting back to you my most certain success."

Thank you once again it was fantastic value for money!

Sherry Strong , Elwood VIC
Chef, Nutritionist & Food Coach

"I'm Gob smacked at the Seemingly
Endless Strategies
You're Coming Up with."

Internet Marketing customer from Western Australia - Peter Kirkham - Perth, WA

"Hi John,

Now that we've moved on to generating traffic to my web site I'm gob smacked at the seemingly endless strategies you're coming up with with.

Where do you pull them from?

You have obviously spent countless hours researching & honing your craft.

It's becoming apparent to me that the performance of any website - particularly for lead generation - is directly related to the skill and experience of the guy who sets the strategies.

Bloody glad it's you."

Peter Kirkham, Perth WA
Printing Expert

"That's More Than $10,000 A Month
Purely From The Internet!"

Client of Internet Marketing Consultant And Consulting Services

"All I did was follow your system, and thank God I did. Because if I didn't, last quarter I wouldn't have earned myself a nice and tidy $31,000.

That's more than $10,000 a month purely from the internet!
Thanks, you can count me as one of your ardent supporters!"

Scott Bywater, Wollongong NSW
Australia's Leading Copywriter

"Marketing Solutions That You Constantly
Pull Out of a Hat like a Magician, is Amazing
But There's No Tricks, They're REAL"

Happy Internet Marketing client - Anestis Mantzouranis from Sydney, Australia

"John, thanks for TODAY!

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you are an EXPERT in your field!

The depth of knowledge and the breadth of contacts and marketing solutions that you constantly pull out of a hat like a magician, is amazing! But there's no tricks, they're REAL.

What distinguishes you from so many others in your field is you actually DO the stuff you speak about!

And that's credibility!"

Anestis Mantzouranis , Sydney NSW
Website Owner

"The Incredible Results You have Achieved"

Internet Marketing customer of John Bertone's Coaching - Meg Tsiamis - Sydney, NSW


"When you were recommended by our copywriter, he said that you were the best in the business and that we shouldn't even consider developing a significant website without consulting yourself.

I’m taking the time to write to you today to personally thank you for the effort and strategy you have put into our project and for the incredible results you have achieved thus far.

You my friend are not only the best internet marketer I could afford but, in my opinion the best internet marketer money can buy.

I say this on the back of an experience I had just last Friday.

I went into a meeting with a high ranking executive of a very large company which will be of great importance to our business. One of the first things this man did was to do a nine msn search on death notices. And there we were, No. 1 !!! He then searched Google, and others, and we kept coming up trumps.

I look forward to our ongoing business relationship and reaping the fruits of our hard, but very smart work.

Meg Tsiamis, Sydney NSW

"An Extra $102,000 A Year From Your 1 Tip Alone!"

Another Client of John Bertone's Internet Marketing coaching - Chris Elmore from Sunnybank QLD

"John, you're a genius...

I took your recommendation and added that nifty marketing tactic to one of my webpages and 6 out of 10 people went for it!

That provided me with an extra $280 EACH DAY... for something that took less than 20 minutes to impliment! That's an extra $102,000 a year from your 1 tip alone!

I never would have thought such a simple tactic would produce such extraordinary results!

Your other great trick related to my hover ad, stopped visitors from getting distracted and leaving my main page.

This is another awesome tip I learnt from you that ALSO increased my sales -- which is huge!

Thanks for taking the time to show me all these marketing strategies I never even thought of!

Chris Elmore, Sunnybank QLD
Website Owner



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