Responsible For Over $18 MILLION
in Sales... During His Career!

Photograph of John Bertone

After more than 15 years in business and specialising in Sales and Marketing, John has spent over 5,500 hours researching and perfecting INTERNET MARKETING to an extreme!

He has now become a leading Australian Internet Marketing Sales Speaker and Presenter on the topic, continually assisting website owners to dramatically increase their sales and revenue via the Internet!

He's endured many grueling hours of emailing, calling, questioning and interviewing profitable Internet Marketing Professionals from all parts of the world - (even at times of the day, most of us were asleep). In doing so, John now has the knowledge to dramatically increase the income potential of ANY online business.

After quickly identifying that the Internet was becoming the largest marketplace of all time, John focused all his efforts on perfecting his marketing expertise in the larger and more powerful ONLINE INTERNET WORLD! The ULTIMATE sales marketplace, operating around the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

John has now become an authority on Online Marketing in Australia with internet experts in their individual fields even turning to him for his recommendations. He's also an active Internet Marketing Sales Presenter and speaks on the topic all around the country!

His added advantage is that he also specialises in the area of: - Visitor Interaction and Conversion! Turning your website visitors into converted sales for your organisation!

John has also worked as a Computer Programming which gives him a major edge in working with web developers. This allows him to maximise the coding secrets that are not normally discussed between a client and the website creator or system administrator.

Before entering into the world of Internet Marketing, John ran his own telecommunications business in Sydney for more than 8 years and quickly became an industry leader many times ranking in the top 5 dealers for the whole state of NSW. With one single store John outperformed competitors with more than 7 stores state-wide.

His list of Clients included organisations like:

  • BHP Billiton
  • Lowes Manhattan
  • Sutherland Shire Council
  • Supre Clothing
  • Millars Timber
  • Smith Bros Transport

Plus a list of over 2,500 other smaller businesses and private clients at the time.

John will teach you what more than 95% of website owners will NEVER KNOW, allowing you to transform your online business by discovering how to gain more targeted traffic, more leads and more importantly CONVERTING more sales from your website.

To find how to increase your leads, customers, sales and profits - just visit the link below:


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